Loyalty Marketing

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What is Loyalty Marketing?

Loyalty Marketing is a proven concept which enables you to hold on to your existing and new customers and to build a durable relationship with them. It is a new marketing tool in customer relations. By means of your own loyalty card you are better able to hold on to your customers by rewarding them.

What do I achieve through Loyalty Marketing and what is in it for me?loyalty club

A loyalty programme raises a lot of questions for the retailer, such as:

  • Which loyalty programme is most effective?
  • How do I approach my customers more goal-oriented with my database?
  • What do I achieve with targeted marketing activities?
  • Which customers do I reward in which way?
  • Which data are interesting to collect?

In other words: what do I achieve and what is in it for me?

It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur with one or more branches: the loyalty programme is ideal for both shopkeepers’ associations as well as large or small franchise formulas. Your own loyalty card always has the same goal: improving your financial results.
E-Smile Services will gladly advise your organisation about the possibilities to implement and manage your own loyalty programme.

What does an E-Smile loyalty package contain?

The distributor receives a package, designed to his wishes. It contains:

  • Non-recurring equipment expenses for a distributor network;
  • Design, purchase and printing of the discount cards to the wishes of the customer (size of regular bank cards, made from the same material and provided with PIN code and magnetic stripe protection);
  • Purchase of mobile switch card terminals. The number depends on the need and the distributor’s intended covered area;
  • Fixed service subscription, including network maintenance.

Our offers are completely without engagement and you could also pay in instalments.

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